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Exclusive App for Serafim S3

The exclusive Serafim Console app supports thousands of games across multiple platforms including PlayStation, Steam, Xbox, GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and Google Play. The app allows you to live stream on Twitch, record your screen, take screenshots, and edit videos, making it easy to capture and share exciting moments with friends.

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Serafim S3 Controller User Manual

Welcome to Serafim S3 cloud gaming controller support page. You could download an user manual of Serafim S3 controller here. It’s available in multiple languages for you to know about package contents, warranty, tutorial, and compliance information of the S3. For further details, click your preferred language at below.

English – User Manual

使用說明書 – 繁體中文

Multilingual Setup Guide

Tutorial Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Can I connect my phone to the controller and then connect a USB cable to charge it while playing games?
    A1. Yes, you can charge your phone while playing games. However, whether fast charging is supported depends on the phone brand and its accessories.

  • Q2. My phone still prompts me to insert the S3 controller. What should I do?
    A2. The phone needs to be entirely inserted into the USB port for the phone to receive the USB signal from the controller.

  • Q3. I get a one-year free subscription to Serafim Console with my purchase. Can I still use my controller after the subscription expires?
    A3: Yes, you can still use the S3 controller to play games after the subscription expires. The subscription service is optional.

  • Q4. I downloaded PS Remote Play but the controller is not working. What should I do?
    A4. You can find the PSPlay app in Serafim Console, which supports remote play on PlayStation 4/5.

  • Q5. My phone case seems to be too thick to fit.
    A5. The recommended thickness of the phone case is 3mm or less.

  • Q6. What systems does the controller app support?
    A6: The dedicated Serafim Console app currently supports Android 8.0 and above. Smartphones come with a USB Type-C port and OTG (On-The-Go) support. Please note that if your phone is not listed below, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not compatible with the Serafim S3 Gamepad. It simply means that we are still working hard to confirm its compatibility. As we confirm compatibility with more models, we will continue to update this list.
    Google Pixel 7 Series,6 Series,5 Series,4,4XL,3,3XL,2, 2XL
    LG G7 ThinQ
    Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, S10, S10+, S20, S21, S22, S23
    Samsung Galaxy Note9,8, Note10, Note10+, Note20 Ultra 5G
    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, Flip3, Flip
    Samsung Galaxy A33, A53
    Honor 50
    Series Nothing 1
    Series Oppo Find X5 Pro
    Series OnePlus 9 Pro
    Series P30 PO
    Realme 7 Pro
    vivo Pro+
    Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro

  • Q7. Are the L2 and R2 triggers pressure-sensitive?
    A7: Yes, the L2 and R2 triggers are hall effect triggers.

  • Q8. What is the approximate latency when connecting the controller?
    A8: The controller uses a wired connection to the phone, with a latency of less than 3 milliseconds.

  • Q9. Can I connect it to my computer to play games?
    A9: Yes, you can connect it to a Windows computer to play games

  • Q10. Does it support emulators like PPSSPP?
    A10: Yes, it does.

  • Q11. Which games can you play on Serafim S3?
    A11: The Serafim S3 lets you play your favorite controller-compatible games, including popular titles like Call of Duty: Mobile and Diablo Immortal. Plus, it works with many controller-compatible services!

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