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World’s first! Serafim S3, a grip-replaceable controller for smartphones, makes its debut in Japan, achieving its crowdfunding goal in just 15 minutes! With exclusive apps, you can enjoy PlayStation games, PC, and mobile games!

Pre-orders are now available on GREEN FUNDING! Accepting advance support until June 30, 2024 (Sunday).

Cyberwin Co., Ltd.May 8, 2024 19:28

On Tuesday, May 7, 2024, Cyberwind Co., Ltd. started accepting support for the Taiwanese cloud gaming controller Serafim S3 on the crowdfunding site GREEN FUNDING. We achieved our funding goal in just 15 minutes after the launch and have received support from many people. (Cyberwind Co., Ltd. is the agent for the pre-order support of Serafim S3 in this campaign).
With just one Serafim S3 controller, you can transform your smartphone into a handheld gaming console. By using the proprietary app Serafim Console, you can not only play mobile games from Google Play and the App Store but also access games from libraries such as Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, GeForce NOW, and more, allowing for comfortable gameplay.

Features of the Serafim S3 Controller:

  • Compatible with thousands of cloud games, including PS5, PS4, Xbox Game Pass, Steam, Google Play, App Store, Amazon Luna, GeForce Now, and more.
  • Low-latency connectivity via Type-C and Lightning connections for smoother gameplay.
  • Enjoy gaming while charging your smartphone.
  • Can be used with smartphone cases on.
  • With the dedicated app “Serafim Console,” you can do everything from live streaming on Twitch, screen recording, taking screenshots, video editing, and sharing videos, all in one app!
  • Four interchangeable grips based on ergonomics ensure comfortable gameplay for any game.
  • Equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack for an immersive audio experience.
  • Backed by a reassuring 1-year warranty.

【Media Coverage Highlights】

Tom’s Guide Hardware: “The Serafim S3 controller comes with unbelievably comfortable, ergonomically designed interchangeable grips, and compatibility with smartphones of all thicknesses, including foldable models from other companies. With these features alone, it’s sure to become an essential item for gamers.”

CLUB386: “The Serafim S3 adopts Hall Effect joysticks, eliminating bothersome dead zones and stick drift compared to other game controllers. Its grip is also outstanding compared to others.”

LON.TV: “Unlike other products, this controller adopts Hall Effect joysticks that use magnets to detect joystick movement. This helps mitigate stick drift, allowing for more precise execution of complex maneuvers.”

【Support for Numerous Popular Titles】

Serafim Console supports over thousands of cloud games. From popular titles to new releases, you can play games from a wide range of genres.

【Product Specifications】

product nameSerafim
weight143.5 grams
Maximum extension width17.9cm
Expandable life20,000 times
smartphone case thicknessWithin 3mm
Charging functionSupports smartphone charging while playing games
analog joystickHall effect joystick, joystick height 8.22 mm, tilt angle 21°
analog trigger: Hall effect trigger, trigger depth 5.11 mm
audio port3.5mm headphone jack
Compatible modelsiPhone, smartphone with USB Type-C port and OTG compatible Android 9.0 or later
Connection methodUSB-C version:
USB Type-C port (female), USB Type-C connector (male)
Lightning version:
USB Type-C port (female), Lightning connector (male)
developing countryTaiwan
Country of originChina
Warranty period1 year from shipping date

[Included items]

● Controller body

● 4 grips

● Start guide

● Instruction manual

[About Cyberwin Co., Ltd.]

In this era of extraordinary changes, new technologies such as robots, smart life, unmanned driving, and the latest AI are emerging every day. All Cyberwin employees have years of product knowledge and experience to provide our customers with the highest quality, newest, and most faithful electronic products and household items that meet consumer needs, thereby ensuring our customers’ comfort, safety, and safety. Enhance your life with sophistication and elegance.

Representative Director and President: Yuri Kobayashi

Head office: 6-9 Nakamaru-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

Established: May 8, 2019

[About Serafim]

Serafim is a Taiwanese company that develops gaming accessories by engineers and passionate gamers. We specialize in software and hardware integration for mobile devices and wearable terminals and have many patents in the fields of optics, mechatronics and software. We will continue to develop innovative gaming peripherals and strive to make the gaming experience even more accessible.

Representative Director and CEO: GZ Chen

Headquarters: Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Established: June 23, 2017

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