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Groundbreaking Serafim S3 Cloud Gaming Controller to Debut at CES Unveiled

Las Vegas, January 7, 2024 – Serafim, a gaming peripheral brand, officially launched the Serafim S3 Cloud Gaming Controller today at the CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, Nevada. The controller has received positive reviews from over 50 international media outlets, including Tom’s Guide, TCL, and TECHNEWS.FR.

Media Coverage

  • Tom’s Guide Hardware: “The Serafim S3 controller has an incredibly comfortable ergonomic grip, a customizable design with swappable grips, and compatibility with smartphones of all thicknesses, including foldable like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. These features alone make it a must-have for gamers.”
  • CLUB386: “The Serafim S3 uses hall-effect joysticks, eliminating annoying dead zones and joystick drift. It surpasses other game controllers like the Backbone One and is incredibly comfortable to grip. Razer, Backbone, and GameSir better watch out!”
  • LON.TV: “Compared to the standard Alps joystick, this controller uses a Hall-effect joystick that uses magnets to detect the movement of the joystick. It eliminates the problem of stick drift and makes the game controls more sensitive.”

Key features of the Serafim S3 Cloud Gaming Controller

  1. Durable Hall-effect joysticks: The S3 controller uses Hall-effect joysticks to provide more precise joystick controls with no drift or dead zones, giving players a smoother, more immersive gaming experience.
  2. Swappable grip design: The S3 controller offers two pairs of replaceable grips with different thicknesses, providing the best grip and comfort.
  3. Support for thousands of cross-platform games: The Serafim Console App supports thousands of cross-platform games, including PlayStation, Steam, Xbox, GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and Google Play. The app also supports Twitch streaming, allowing players to take screenshots and screen recordings with a single button press on the S3 Controller and then edit and share the highlights within the same app.

Many journalists who tested the Serafim S3 Controller praised the durable Hall-effect joysticks as a key highlight. The swappable grip design was also well-received. It allows players to customize their gaming experience to their needs.

In addition to media outlets, buyers from the United States, South America, Europe, Canada, and Japan also visited the CES 2024 to inquire about the S3 Controller. After experiencing the controller on-site, they expressed strong interest in bringing the S3 to their countries in 2024.

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