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Leak reveals Legend’s abilities in Apex Legends

Another Apex Legends leak surfaced online this week, one that purportedly reveals the upcoming Legend’s abilities. The brand-new character’s name is said to be Ballistic. It’s all about enhanced gunplay and customized weapon upgrades in Legend, as the name suggests. As of now, neither Respawn Entertainment nor Electronic Arts have confirmed any upcoming plans for Ballistic.

The ballistic leak was shared on the Apex Uncovered subreddit, a forum for everything related to Apex Legends leaks. Based on these leaks, Ballistics’ capabilities are shown below (the leaked image contained some errors in the text – those have been left as is).

A picture shared with the leaked ability depicts a grizzled authority figure who has endured many battles in the past. However, character designs often change between when they’re first noticed and when the legend is released. Therefore, there is no guarantee that this version of Ballistic is the latest version.

For those of you who have been following the recent Apex leaks, the Assault class mentioned in the image above may look familiar to you. The leak describes some sweeping class rework in the works, in which existing Legends will be shifted to a brand-new class. There will also be added classes with class-specific passive abilities. Same as Ballistic, but these class updates are not yet officially released.

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