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High CP Value: Office and Gaming Combo – Serafim M1 Transformer Mouse

The price of the Serafim M1 Transformer Mouse is surprisingly affordable, catering to both office use and gaming features such as RGB lighting, customizable macros, and 12800 DPI. Additionally, the mouse also comes with an interchangeable shell. With all these features packed into the mouse, it’s a great deal at just 499 NTD (crowdfunding price), even as a backup mouse.

The interchangeable shell caters to users with different hand sizes, with those who have larger hands recommended to use the shell, and those with smaller hands suggested to remove it. As for the functions, although most people tend to use a mouse straight away without exploring the accompanying software, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the six buttons on the mouse. You can set one or two buttons to your frequently used functions, such as calculator and screen capture, to make computer usage more efficient.

In terms of gaming features, the Serafim M1 Transformer Mouse supports 12800 DPI high resolution, with a DPI switch button and six DPI levels, allowing you to switch to the most suitable usage mode at any time. The maximum report rate reaches 1000Hz, supporting 125, 250, 500, and 1000Hz level switching.

As for the color, the Serafim M1 Transformer Mouse goes with a safe choice of red and black configuration. It would probably look even better with a white shell.

To achieve a high response time for a gaming mouse, the Serafim M1 Transformer Mouse is a wired mouse. However, the pre-order price is incredibly attractive, with one mouse costing only 499 NTD, and two for just 945 NTD. It is truly a great deal. But please note that the accompanying app currently only supports the Windows operating system. If you are using a Mac operating system, the various customization features will not be available!

▲It’s hard to imagine the M1 mouse comes with RGB color-changing effects.
▲The RGB lighting is adjustable.
▲The mouse can be equipped with a shell, and the shells can be swapped for different colors.
▲The red and black configuration adds a gaming touch.
▲Once all shells are removed, it transforms into an ordinary office-use mouse.
▲The Serafim M1 Transformer Mouse body has six buttons for customizable button functions.
▲The calculator function within the multimedia features is quite nice.
▲In gaming features, you can adjust the USB report rate and DPI control.
▲You can also record and apply macros.

Article source: Cool3C

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