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  • Laser projection technology is invented in Taiwan by Serafim  
  • Projection keyboards firstly achieved mass production in the world
  • Greatly improved projection technology is adopted to newly made products

Taiwanese invented the laser projection technology on their own rather than Israelian. Although our customers think the laser projection technology was invented by Israelian, we will still patiently explain that this technology is actually invented in Taiwan.

See how this technology applied to work and daily life:

More technical information? Check the specifications of VK200 here.

About a decade ago, Israelian integrates a camera, and infrared (IR) to build the laser projection technology. They made the world’s first laser projection keyboard with this technology. Nevertheless, this keyboard is a prototype, which means that it’s still in early development. Mass production is not in the plan. Recently, thanks to the growing of smart phone and Tablet PC, the demand of laser projection keyboard has rocketing up. Korean had considered this laser device would be popular, so they decided to put it on shelves; however, there are some disadvantages as follows:

  1. High latency on typing (Types a word, but it doesn’t appear on screen immediately)
  2. Misinterpretation on typing is troublesome. (e.g. typed “A”, but it shows other word instead)
  3. Battery drains too fast while using
  4. The size of layout is smaller than a regular keyboard
  5. The size is unfit for a phone dock

We have continuously keeping conducting researches on solution for the above issues since Serafim Technologies Inc. was established. We are Serafim Technologies Inc. team in Taiwan. Contribute towards developing brand new technology. For resolving those drawbacks we have talked about previously, our tasks are combining these key technologies below:

  1. IR Detection Technology (meaning: an IR Sensor which is used as Obstacle detector is to transmit an IR signal.)
  2. IR Projection Technology (a technology to project diffractive (=the bending of light waves around obstacles in their path) optical element.)
  3. CMOS Image Sensor (Basically, this sensor can track fingers position and movement. In technical description, it is capable of making a real-time determination of the location from where the light was reflected.)
  4. HW & SW Integration (Arranges how communication is done between hardware & software)

Despite a regular camera spends so much time on detecting fingers movement, this detection technology has still protected by existing patent already. Therefore, we altered our research plan. We set our algorithm (a method to solve math problem) to a Diode Array Detector to compute the position of objects with coordinate axis system (a 2D space). The advantages of adopting this technology are as follows:

  1. 2 times faster on keystroke detection than a regular camera
  2. Saves up to 50% of energy consumption
  3. Serafim Inc. truly owns the patent of technology.

Honestly, that is not an easy job to develop a key technology in Taiwan, which is due to limited resources we only have. It is necessary to being a work-horse to push things to be done. Never say never! New technologies and products, which are innovated in Taiwan, can be glory and stand out in the whole world, definitely!

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