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Created: Monday, 09 March 2015Tagslaser

ODiN Aurora: World’s First Projection Mouse – A Kickstarter Campaign

For the past year, Serafim has worked diligently to bring ODiN Aurora, the first ever projection mouse to the world. Serafim has now launched a thoroughly detailed Kickstarter campaign in an attempt to gain the last part of the monetary assets needed to launch the productivity booster in the coming quarter this year.


ODiN Aurora is the world’s first projection mouse, inspired by Nordic mythology. The cool, comfortable, and easy-to-use projection mouse helps user boost productivity and say goodbye to Carpal Tunnel. ODiN Aurora embodies the powerful mythical figure Odin. Its laser beam shines like a lighting spear, with Runic alphabets incorporated in the virtual pad design, projecting strength and courage into daily life.


Serafim has been working on the intuitive and responsive mouse to enable smoother design and gaming experiences and also solve people’s carpal tunnel problems.


Readily portable and light, the 5cm x 4cm projection mouse, weighs only 40 grams, is way smaller than a regular mouse, and works well with Windows as well as Mac OS.


Different from gesture controllers, such as Kinect, which use cameras in the operation, ODiN Aurora needs no camera and thus ensures user privacy.


Wanting to bring the best possible user experience, Serafim exceeded their budget plan for the project and has turned to Kickstarter to help raise the additional funds to bring a well-polished projection mouse to the world.


Entire project details can be found at [url]


With the successful launch of 「ODiN Aurora」, Serafim plans to further optimize the mouse until it becomes a totally comfortable booster of productivity while eventually moving onto other remarkable projects to enhance computer user experience.


Company Info:

Serafim, founded in 2010 by a group of experts in optoelectronics industry, aims to offer affordable, useful and cool consumer electronics for better user experiences. Team members have all possessed extensive experiences in local and international vendors, before building a brand of their own.


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