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A Racing Wheel you can use in your console and smartphone? Yes, it exists : The Serafim R1+ Racing Wheel.

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Driving games are a must-have on all kinds of today’s consoles. A lot of us gamers have spent more than a lot of time acquiring better driving skills, better vehicles, mastering all the tracks, and applying our best techniques to reach the much-prized first place. Once there, those of us who happened to be fans of realism decided to acquire a more suitable racing wheel to better maneuver our vehicles with all speed on our favorite European street or steep mountain.

However, games are no longer just focused on consoles anymore; we also found great titles on PCs and in recent years, the most trending ones, on mobile phones. Also, some manufacturers create difficulties when we want to use a controller on other consoles or other platforms, causing us to purchase a wheel for each platform. But… today, thanks to Serafim, maybe we can have the solution to it. An economical but well-performing steering wheel made of good structural materials and high-quality craftsmanship, as well as professional design help, make it the first wheel to offer cross-platform support (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, XBOX SERIES X & S, PC, and mobile devices!) No matter if you have an Android or iOS phone, this wheel is compatible.

       Too good to be true, right? Let’s take a step-by-step look at the most relevant aspects of this very interesting racing wheel.

Serafim offers the R1 and R1+ models. Both have instruction manuals, CD with drivers for PC, and the game device as such, consisting of the steering wheel and a set of pedals. The R1 model has reduced compatibility and is slightly smaller than the R1+ model, which in we will enjoy with a wheel with two paddle shifters, D-pad in the left side and action buttons in the right side. By placing your hands on the middle line of the steering wheel, it allows the buttons to be reached by the thumbs in complete comfort, even in the turns, where you do not lose your position. 

In addition, Home, Options and share buttons are present, allowing us a quick action to share some feat that we achieve immediately; top buttons that resemble the functions of the R and L buttons on conventional controls, along with rear triggers; so, if we want the best playable experience, the Serafim R1+ is our choice. In addition, it includes a phone holder, (useful when we want to play directly with our cell phone), Bluetooth adapter, and Micro USB cable to link it to the PS4- Xbox One Series consoles.

The R1+ has an extremely comfortable side rubber cover, and the material makes the grip non-slip and allows great playability. The upper and lower portion has a slightly weak plastic structure but is not the typical handling area, so it does not pose a negative point. The pedals have a rough texture, allowing a better grip on the feet.

        The rotation range is 180° (90° for each side). Many will say that it is a problem not to have a 180° turn for each side; however, most modern games only need delicate spins, where only in drift situations could we need to fully spin the wheel, so the spin angle is not a disadvantage. On the other hand, the central part has openings that allow the phone holder to dock; so when we play with our cell phone as the main screen (not in transmission to TV), it would be counterproductive for us to turn our main screen 180° (we would not see absolutely nothing of what happens in our game!), so its turn angle perfectly covers its function. Plus, once the spin is done, it returns to neutral position quickly and accurately, so, after making an intense drift, we can return to original position quickly. Without a doubt, one very positive enhancement that most don’t realize ahead of time.


        The shifter has a position aimed at the back of the steering wheel, which prevents the overall wheel from having an excessive dimension, and allows more than acceptable comfort. However, for those players who find it somewhat remote, the paddles perfectly fulfill their function; they are located right on the middle line of the wheel, on each side, allowing that when we drive, we can reach them with the rest of the fingers in total naturalness and comfort.

        The bottom of the wheel is designed so that it has an excellent grip on the surface where it is, so that, whatever energetic movement we make, it doesn’t slip or slide. It has suction cups that adhere it to smooth surfaces quite firmly and prevents any slippage. But, even if we need even more grip, we have a mounting clamp that allows the wheel to be anchored to the table as firmly as possible. So we will never lose a race because control suddenly drifted away, and we focused our attention on not making a mess.

On the other hand, the pedals have 2 cables: Ethernet and phone type, which will allow connection to the steering module. The throttle and the brake pedal have a resistance that makes it easy to adjust the acceleration needed for certain actions: a great plus point that sets it apart from other wheels of its kind, which provide only a standard maximum acceleration. The surface material of the pedals allows that there are no

Serafim R1+ is powerfully eye-catching when we know it is the world’s first wheel that allows multi-platforms in addition to being playable for Android and iOS. In the case of the Nintendo Switch and the PS3, the native USB cable allows it to be recognized as an extra controller. In the case of the PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series, the Micro USB adapter will connect on the original controller of each console, transmitting the wheel commands to the control. On a PC, our R1+ has a CD with drivers to be able to install the necessary controllers and avoid being recognized by default as an Xbox control. For those units that do not have a disk reader, you can easily download the drivers on the Internet on the Serafim website, ensuring the complete integration of the system into the PC.



And perhaps the most striking thing about our controller, it starts by connecting the Ethernet cable of the pedals to a Bluetooth module that will allow its link with our smartphone! In turn, using the phone holder (which is perfectly centered and has a firm grip, preventing the phone from falling with our gameplay moves), we are almost ready to start our careers. Downloading the app “Serafim Play”, will allow us a proper link with our smartphone, and will show the most important and trending games! Titles like NFS and Asphalt 9 are fully integrated with our controller, between a lot of other titles. A plus is added when we can transmit the image of our phone to a monitor or TV, allowing us to play on a large scale, using our wheel and phone together.


        One aspect that we could not let slip, is perhaps the most relevant for some: the competitive price of the Serafim R1+. While similar controllers are priced between $170 and $300, Serafim offers its multi-platform controller for budgets ranging from $130 to $90, depending on the offer your supplier can offer. Anyone would think that for a low price, the quality would not be equal to the products of their competition; however, nothing further from reality: the way they take the elements and combine it with harmony and practicality, allows the Serafim R1+ to be an option with similar and even superior quality of other controllers, and more when we consider the savings that it means to use this same device with other platforms and games.


So, for who is this steering wheel designed for? For any public, child or adult who enjoys widely any driving game, who wants a controller with accuracy that allows them an immersion in the game. The vibration function allows a sensitivity that reacts with the different textures present in the games. The pedals are not rigid, but also not soft, allowing a very comfortable and realistic handling. Likewise, the ability to return to the neutral position of the control after a turn gives us a playable advantage, applicable in many situations. All these qualities allow the Serafim R1+ to confer a remarkable immersion in the world of the game where it is developing. In addition, it’s affordable for all types of audiences, allowing gamers around the world to enjoy the best driving titles, whatever console they’re dedicated to. It is therefore an article designed for the enjoyment of gamers.

   It is definitely a highly recommended product if you are in the position to purchase it. Serafim had an excellent premise: present a control that can be enjoyed on any platform, that has a comfort level for a demanding gamer, and that has a price that allows to be competitive in the market. The racing wheel have nothing to envy other brand controls that can even double his price. So, if you’re buying a steering wheel for the first time to allow you to feel inside the vehicle cabin of your favorite game, or to share in multiplayer games, family or online, this device is for you. In other words, beyond being the first controller to offer such an extensive cross-platform, it also has another suitable label: remind us that some companies can always create a great product for the pure enjoyment of the community to which it is directed.

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