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ODiN Is A Laser Projector

Transformer Mouse With A Norse God Name!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Gadget Explained is a big fan of cool nifty gadgets and so I’m excited to feature a laser projection mouse called ODIN, which projects a laser trackpad onto any surface is projected on. I quite actually like the name ODIN (Norse god in Norse mythology) and the look it has resembling the Transformers’ Autobot insignia head.

ODIN laser projection mouse works right out of the box. Simply connect the included USB cable to your laptop or desktop and position ODIN on the spot you want the laser trackpad to be projected (the projected area is an 8cm x 8cm square). If you are a big fan of Transformers, like I am, you are going to love how ODIN shoots the laser beam projection onto the surface, while illuminating itself! It literary feels as if a mini Autobot is shooting laser beams!

The projected area has the same functionality as a conventional mouse allowing you to left- and right-click, scroll, drag, zoom in and out, move forward and back. Left and right clinking is done by taping your finger anywhere within the projected square, or by tapping in the top left and right boxes. To copy a screen selection, you hold the top left box for a couple of seconds to activate selection mode, and then drag your finger in a diagonal way from the top left all the way down to make the selection. Once you’re done, you hold the top left box for 2 seconds to deactivate selection mode and then tap the top right box to copy the selection.

Scrolling is done by dragging two fingers up and down (for auto-scrolling simply hold two fingers at the edge of the projected area). To move forward and back, you swipe left or right with two fingers. To zoom in and out the screen, simply position two fingers anywhere in the projected area and open the fingers (to zoom in) and close the two fingers (to zoom out).

The Verdict
ODIN projection mouse allows you to fully extend your hand, thus reducing the strain on the wrist and fingers. ODIN is portable, doesn’t require batteries, it’s lightweight (similar weight to an egg), it plugs in via USB and it has a user-defined programmable button in the shape of a triangle runic symbol. ODIN is also compatible with both Windows and Mac. ODIN laser projection has good hand ergonomics, helping reduce the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (computer wrist pain). ODIN’s laser projection mouse makes a great addition in the world of laser technology. Check out ODIN laser projection mouse

ODIN Specifications

  • Laser projection display
  • Interaction led lighting
  • Infrared sensor for signal detection
  • USB connector 5V 500mA
  • 90 degree infrared beam
  • Measures 5cm tall and 4cm wide
  • Weighs 40 grams
  • Compatible with Windows OS and Mac OS
  • Comes in three colors: metal green, bright silver, and charcoal black
  • Meets laser safety standards (IEC-60825 Class I)

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