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Serafim  S1 Gaming controller unboxing-A versatile option for multiple platforms!Easy to define buttons,Macros,and supports the PC,Nintendo Switch platforms!

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Serafim Dongle makes Serafim S1 the best partner for Nintendo Switch and the desktop.

Besides addressing the operations on a smartphone, Serafim S1 can also meet the demand of smooth operations when playing on other platforms. Serafim S1 supports the computer and Nintendo Switch through Bluetooth. It is compatible to Steam, Epic or Android simulator on the computer and achieves the same experience as playing on the smartphone. 

Let’s see how to use the enclosed Serafim Dongle to connect to the controller.

Serafim Dongle, the enclosed component of Serafim S1, can be used on the computer and supports the connection between Nintendo Switch.

Turn on your Nintendo Switch and select “System settings” from the home page.

In System settings menu, find “Controllers and sensors” and activate “Pro controller wired communication.” Then turn off the power.

Next, Plug the Serafim Dongle into the USB port of the Nintendo Switch, and power up the console.

Now we can long press “HOME+X button” on the Serafim S1 controller to switch to the connection mode. The connection indicator will turn to red and start flashing. The device will be turned off. Long press the power switch again and Serafim S1 is ready for use when you see the icon on the Nintendo Switch. Compared to the Nintendo Joycon, Serafim S1 is definitely much more comfortable and easier to control.

Connect to the computer easily!

Besides connecting Serafim S1 through Bluetooth on the computer, the user can also use Serafim Dongle to “seamlessly connect” to Serafim S1. Insert Dongle to USB port and the system will automatically detect Serafim S1 to connect. After installing Serafim Dongle, long press “Home + X button” to switch the mode and connect automatically. Simply switch this convenient controller among smartphone, game console and computer as you like.

Image: Serafim S1 can be recognized in Steam after being successfully connected.

The user can check functions corresponding to each button through the settings of the Steam controller.

Save after completing the configuration and enjoy the game in Steam with Serafim S1.

In actual tests, the Serafim S1 can function smoothly under the Big Picture mode in Steam.

Conclusion: This device is not only easy to set and control, but also upgrades your mobile game experience to the next level. Cross-platform support makes it the best choice for gamers.

As a whole, the function design of Serafim S1 brings an impressively user-friendly experience to the user, with easy connection and application settings. Unlike other similar devices, Serafim S1 requires no rooting or downloading unofficial APK file on certain platforms to achieve the correspondence of virtual buttons. Except for the 26 pre-installed games which can be played immediately with pre-set button configurations, the user can also set and save self-defined buttons of other games by following the instructions of the Serafim Play App. He/she can even capture the image of complete operations interface of the game, take time to set virtual buttons (no need to worry about sneak attacks anymore) and then bind to the game setting. This is really convenient.

For gamers enjoying mobile games, Serafim S1 is undoubtedly a controller with excellent versatility and playability.

As for the touch and performance of the controller, Serafim S1 also creates a decent experience. Besides dual analog sticks and function buttons sufficient to handle various games, the included rubber protective cover also makes the grip comfortable. The support to vertical and horizontal viewing on the smartphone further enhances its versability.

Serafim S1 is available on the market now and Serafim Tech has been following up discussions on social media and customer feedback since they launched this device. Serafim Tech will use these opinions as the reference to upgrade/update Serafim S1 continuously. Recently, Serafim Tech upgraded the macro function to improve the operating efficiency of games requiring repeatedly tapping, such as idle or PRG games, by “auto operations.” This function helps the user save time as well as the cost of purchasing virtual goods or VIP privileges. Enjoy your game without worrying about the cost and time!

Image: If you are not good at playing on the touchscreen, let Serafim S1 unleash your potential!

If you’re not satisfied with the operations of certain mobile games, and want to experience the similar smooth operations as on the game console or computer, Serafim S1 is definitely your best choice. The cross-platform (smartphone, computer and game console) function also makes it a valuable investment.

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*Remarks: This review is sponsored by Serafim Tech. All opinions are based on actual experiences.

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