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01 - Power on off & BT pairing / connecting
02 - Typing test
03 - Combination keys
04 - KBD/MSE mode switch and Mouse Mode on PC

Bluetooth (FN and B)

Turns Bluetooth on and off.

Bluetooth status icon:

  • 1. Searching Last 3 Device (Bluetooth icon blinking).
  • 2. Searching New Device (Bluetooth icon blinking).
  • 3. Successful Pairing (Bluetooth icon solid).
  • 4. Disconnected (Bluetooth icon not visible).
  • U will be displayed when USB cord is plugged into computer.
  • U Flashing when plugged into USB but bluetooth has precedence


Menu Screen (Fn and M)

Enters the menu screen for settings adjustments and advanced functions.

Adjusting sound (FN and V)

Volume level bars will appear.

Adjusting key-press sensitivity (FN and S)

Sensitivity level bars will appear.

Adjusting brightness (FN and F5 down, FN and F6 up )

Brightness level bars will appear.

Mouse Mode/Keyboard Mode ( and Alt)

clicking both keys at the same time will change to keyboard or mouse mode Changes to Mouse mode MSE will appear or Keyboard mode KBD will appear.

Power Saving Mode (Hold and Alt for 3 seconds)

Keyboard will turn off until motion is detected in keyboard area


This product emits infrared light from the lower end of the product to detect objects such as fingers. When an object passes through the area illuminated by the infrared light source, any infrared light reflecting off the object is detected by the sensor. Information on the position and movement of the object is then analyzed to perform the product’s role as a keyboard.

Sensitivity: difference in thickness, shape, and color of the user’s fingers or operating environment result in differences in the amount of reflected infrared light. If the amount of reflected infrared light is appropriate, the sensor will have no problem detecting objects such as fingers. However, if the amount of reflected infrared light becomes low because of the causes mentioned above or some other cause, the keystroke recognition rate may decrease or your keystrokes may not be recognized at all. On the other hand, if the amount of reflected infrared light is too high, the keystroke recognition may become too sensitive or a “hovering Effect” may occur where a keypress may occur when you have not yet touched the projected surface. See section “Adjusting the Sensitivity” for corrective steps.

Conditions to Avoid

  • 1. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • 2. Avoid low color temperature light source, such as tungsten, halogen, or incandescent lamp.
  • 3. Avoid uneven or irregular surfaces. Place the product on flat surfaces.
  • 4. Avoid a table or surface that is as transparent or reflective as glass or mirror.
  • 5. Avoid placing any objects within the space between the main unit and the laser projected keyboard layout


Because this product uses infrared rays, strong infrared radiation from direct or reflected sunlight or from tungsten (halogen or incandescent) lighting may cause operating error.


Although this equipment is classified as Class 2 laser product, for your safety, do not directly expose your eyes to pattern projection beams or infrared rays.

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