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ODiN, innovative boost to your productivity

ODiN Aurora presents you a whole new experience with computer and mouse. The world's first laser projection mouse redefines your daily user habits for designing, gaming ,work, and everything. Intuitive and convenient, ODiN Aurora is your must-have gadget for computers and laptops. It’s all designed, for you.

Inspired by Nordic mythology, ODiN Aurora embodies the powerful figure. Laser beams are projected as lightning when the legendary Odin throws his spear. A triangle, innovative and extraordinary in Runic alphabets, is also incorporated in the virtual pad design, projecting strength and courage into our life.

Does your arm or wrist feel tired or even hurt after holding the traditional mouse for a long time? Pain no more! The problem is solved with ODiN Aurora. As your wrist comfortably rests on the table or other surfaces, your shoulder and arm muscles can take a break, so you can focus on work, game, or both, or anything!

ODiN Aurora supports multipoint controls. In the 8cm x 8cm project area, you only need, at most, two fingers to click, scroll, drag and zoom, as easy as that! With low CPU loading and responsive design, it enables smoother design and gaming experiences, wherever you go.

Tiny and portable, ODiN Aurora only weighs 40 grams, fits well in your pocket or backpack, and consumes very littler power! This is the best travel companion for business travelers and your office on the go. It's compatible with Windows XP and later, as well as Mac OS. We will also continue to update software, so ODiN Aurora never goes outdated. Plug in to USB hub, and you're ready to enjoy!

Privacy has been a concern for some people as they use gesture controllers, such as virtual keyboards, as cameras are integrated in the operation. Well, no worries with ODiN Aurora! With no camera involved, your privacy is ensured. It's good for confidential meetings of course, with doubled response speeds, minimized sensing modules, and smaller package.

Although ODiN Aurora is our debut project under Serafim, our development and design team has already got extensive experiences in optoelectronics industry over ten years, working and taking orders from manufacturers all over the world. We aim to offer affordable, useful and cool devices for your better computing experience, and ODiN Aurora is the result after one year in development.

ODiN Aurora comes in three colors: metal green, bright silver, and charcoal black. We maintain the best coloring process, so what you see is what you get!


Founded in 2010 by a group of experts in optoelectronics industry, Serafim aims to offer affordable, useful and cool consumer electronics for a better computing experience. Team members obtain extensive experiences in local and international vendors, before building a brand of their own.

Serafim is derived from seraphs in Christian theology. It's the highest choir of the angelic hierarchy, representing light, thunder and fire. We aim to reach the highest rank in our professional fields with our passion.

After designing smartphones, tablets and computer accessories for international brands, ODiN Aurora is the debut project of Serafim.

Q1. How do I buy in bulk? 

A: Please contact Serafim directly, thank you.

Q2. Can I enlarge or shrink the projection area? 

A: The laser projection area is not resizable.

Q3. Does the mouse work on uneven surface? 

A: Please avoid using the mouse on uneven surface as it is only suitable for even surface.

Q4. How long is the battery life?

 A: Simply connect the mouse to a USB port on your computer/laptop, and you're good to go. No need for battery.

Q5. How will the product be sent to me? 

A: We will send the product by Taiwan Post Office's Express Mail.

Q6. What's the size of the product and how much does it weigh?

 A: It's 5cm(H)x4cm(W)x2cm(D) and it weighs 40 grams.

Q7. Can I change the color of the projection?

 A: Not for now. Currently it can only be red.

Q8. When can I receive the product?

 A: Our first shipment will be in June.

Q9. Can I choose models with different colors?

 A: Currently, we offer three colors for your choice. We will develop more color options based on feedback given by our customers.

Q10. What OS does the mouse support? 

A: It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Q11. Does the laser of the product meet laser safety standards?

A: Yes, it meets the regulations of IEC-60825 Class I.



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