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Smart Laser is innovative and multi-functional. It transforms your smartphone into a mini laser pointer coupled with a stylus head, a product of excellent portability.

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Multi-color LED Flashing, Colorful and Brilliant.
Solid Design and Precise Machining.
Perfect Fit and Perfect Protection for your smart phone.
Shining for incoming call. Fantastic item in fashion.

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Super compact size for portability, perfect for on-the-go! English QWERTY keyboard layout eases your typing and speeds up your communication. Built-in lithium-ion-polymer rechargeable battery for mobility and convenience.

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For screen size 55” and 65”
The world's slimmest touch screen
Whole plane touch screen design
No unexpected touch activated by ambient light and dust


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Serafim’s R&D team has strong and experienced design and development capability for opto-electronic products. Our core technologies contains optical, mechanical, electrical, software and firmware engineering. We provide a full range technical support even for design and development of highly customized opto-electrical products. Please contact us if you have any requirements of opto-electrical products design.

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