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Author: Ultron (Dec 23, 2016)

Article originated from 3E Mag

With the rapid progress of technology, almost everyone has smart phone, even few of children. However, the screen the smart phone has limitation. While reading the message, if you want to type at the same time, the screen will be covered by the phone keyboard. You can barely see the message. Typing issue is a trouble for some of the users, especially those who bring smart phones as a laptop. It’s impossible to carry a computer keyboard all the time, so…what can we do?

Over years of development, a group from Taiwan has figured out a solution - iKeybo. They build a keyboard utilizing laser projection technology. It takes only one second for projection. All you need is a flat surface. No matter wooden, metal, or plastic material, you can turn anyplace to your working table.

This laser projection keyboard has built-in four languages, Chinese, English, Spanish, and Arabic. The projection size is as a standard computer keyboard and the operating method is very easy. You can switch language as your need.

Speak of entertainment; the other important function is the music mold. After you install the APP and connect with your smart phone, you can have the laser projection piano-keyboard. It supports also four kinds of instruments, piano, guitar, bass, and drums set. You can record all your inspiration right away.

The size of iKeybo is only as a purse which you can carry easily. Moreover, it can be utilized as power bank. With 2000mAh lithium battery, it can stand for ten hours. It’s enough for a one-day journey.

Where can you find a keyboard combined the function of multilingual, piano-key, smartphone holder, and power bank? Believe in your eyes. It’s iKeybo.


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