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The English name “Serafim” of Serafim Technologies Inc. is derived from “Seraphim” who is the highest rank of angel in Christian theology and a symbol of “light”, “fire”, and “passion”. Serafim overflowing with enthusiasm boasts a team specialized in optical (=light), mechanisms and hardware circuits (=fire), and hardware and software integration expertise. Serafim focuses on the software and hardware integration of mobile devices and wearable mobile technology. Serafim currently provides a lineup of products and services, such as phone sensors, smart laser presentation pens, laser virtual keyboards, and handheld sensing devices just to name a few. Looking ahead, the company shall adhere to the same spirit and continue to develop more practical mobile devices for mankind in order to ensure Serafim’s new products move our hearts and enrich our lives.

Business Concepts

Serafim pays considerable attentions to the innovation and continuous learning and growth of talents. Talents are one of the largest motive forces for enterprise’s thriving. It is only treasure talents that can manage a company perpetually in the times of knowledge economy. Serafim devotes to create a stage that can meet the need for exertion of talents so that all Serafim company members are able to work pleasantly and to be satisfied with the feeling of personal achievement so as to drive the company growth.

Serafim Spirit

  • Good Faith: Acting in good faith and creating win-win together.
  • Innovation: Innovating science-technology and facilitating living.
  • Profession: Professional technology and excellent quality.
  • Service: Sincere service and requirements satisfied.






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Address : 6F., No.6, Aly. 9, Ln. 45, Baoxing Rd., Xindian Dist.,
New Taipei City 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL : +886-2-8914-6680 ext 808
FAX : +886-2-8914-6027

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