Smart Laser, Laser Pointer

“Smart Laser” is a Laser Pointer which available with iPhone and Android phone; it also can be used for stylus touch as well. Download “Smart Laser” app, turns your smart phone into laser pointer mode or presentation mode.

How to use the Smart Laser, Laser Pointer

[Before use]
Download “Smart Laser-Sync” program on Serafim’s website
Download “Smart Laser” app on App Store or Google Play.

In Presentation Mode :
Please confirm that connect the computer and your iPhone or Android at the same wireless Hot Spot

[How to use]
Laser Pointer mode


Activate Smart Laser and Plug-in the laser pointer

Select Laser Pointer mode

Push laser On/Off button

Presentation Mode


1.Run “Smart Laser-Sync” on computer

2.Activate Smart Laser and Plug-in the laser pointer


3.Select Presentation Mode and click “Search”

4.Server list and click to connect the server

5.Start to presentation