Serafim 碩擎科技


For screen size 55” and 65”
The world's slimmest touch screen
Whole plane touch screen design
No unexpected touch activated by ambient light and dust
Palm rejection during writing
Easy for assembling and integrating
Easy to use
SLiM Touch Drawing
No.Items Specifications
1. General
1.1Components Slim Touch Bar with 2 Touch Pen
1.2USB reported resolution32767*32767
1.3AccuracyLess than 5 mm over 95% of touchable area.
1.4Display Area1212.6*683.4mm-55”/1428.48*803.52mm-65”
1.5Aspect Ratio16:9
1.6DriftNo drift within operating temperature range
1.7Touch response timeLess than 12 ms for one single touch.
1.8Touch durabilityUnlimited
1.9Operating systemsWindows 8、7、XP、Vista、Linux
1.10Ambient light rejectionNo effect from 50W halogen or 58 W fluorescent lights. Test position 1 m above the display, 30 °
forward of the display plane. 50/60 HZ elimination enabled
1.11StructureFrame type, without glass
2. Electrical
2.1Supply voltageUSB, nominal 5V
2.2USB speedFull speed
2.3USB connector5 wire (USB + shield)
2.4ESDPer EN 61000-4-2 1995: Level 4, contact discharge 8 kV, air discharge 15 kV on USB connector pins
components fitted
2.5EMCEN 55024, CI SPR 22, CI SPR 24
2.6Connector optionsStandard: USB Series A type to 1.5 mm pitch Wire to Board Connector Housing
3. Environmental
3.2TemperatureOperating: 0 ℃ to 55 ℃,storage: -25 ℃ to 75 ℃
3.3Relative humidity10% to 90% RH.(Storage)
4. Software
4.1USB USB 1.1 (full speed), HID compliant
4.2Driver interface
Compound mouse/Digitizer, Win 7
4.3Mouse emulationClick , Drag, Double-click, Right-click
Touch Accuracy  

The touch accuracy of touch device is ± 5mm over 95% coverage of the active area.



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