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Computex Taipei is a computer exposition that has been held annually in Taipei, Taiwan, since the early 2000s. Images show the winners of the BC Award (also known as the Best Choice Award and which honor outstanding products), gather at Syntrend Mall, Taipei to display their products in front of the local press in Taiwan. This press conference is held in a night club style on May 24th. Product details are displayed by a projector on the stage and promotional models provide information to journalists. Two conference hosts gladly stay on stage and introduce these products in a delightful manner. Hundreds of companies attend the competition of BC Award and few companies will be left to obtain the meaningful trophy for themselves. The seven golden awards winners are elected. Computex Taipei defines them as the most gloried products of the year. In reality, these products are all invented by companies in Taiwan.





Serafim Technologies Inc., founded in Taiwan, is a hardware and software integration company, which mainly adopts self-invented laser projection technology to mobile accessories. This is the second time that Serafim has gained a BC Award. The first award was obtained in 2015. "Odin laser-projection trackpad has a bright future", NBC News said, after the product had won a BC Award. The new product, iKeybo, which is developed by Serafim Tech., is revealed on the stage for the first time. This device fits comfortably in the hand of the promotional model. It also has a holder to put a cell phone on it. The female host said that this is the world's first layout-changeable laser projection keyboard. It offers a multi-language layout and also provides a battery life of up to 10 hours of typing. The founder, GZ Chen, who holds a BC Award trophy, told a journalist that you will find out more details of this product at the upcoming Computex Taipei 2016 at the end of May.


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