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  • 【Kickstarter 產品】 iKeybo 支援多國文字與鋼琴紅外線鍵盤

    【Kickstarter 產品】 iKeybo 支援多國文字與鋼琴紅外線鍵盤


    紅外線鍵盤是未來科技?事實上淘寶亦買得到,在稍早之前的秋電展亦有廠商展出過。這類產品在市場上面世一段日子,仍然有相當多的問題,例如感應的敏感度,太光亮的地方完全用不了等。有台灣廠商就將紅外線鍵盤再進化,推出 iKeybo 在 Kickstarter 眾籌,已經成功籌得 $64,000 美金。



    紅外線鍵盤又有什麼罕見的?在市面上已經買得到類似的產品,而今次在 Kickstarter 上面眾籌的 iKeybo 採用新科技,更新頻率達到 90fps 以達到更精準的使用體驗,續航力亦達到 10 小時,可是重量只有 2.5oz 。它的投影角度亦達 115 度,比起同類產品 90 度來得廣,亦可以有更多按鍵。

    比較特別的是 iKeybo 採用開源式 SDK ,官方已經為它開發出中文、阿拉拍文、西班牙文鍵盤等等,亦有自家的鋼琴模組可以與 Apps 連動,開發者亦可以開發出自己一套的鍵盤,充滿擴充性。

    現時 Early Bird 優惠能以 $79 美金(約 $640 港幣)入手一套 iKeybo ,預料在 2017 年 5 月出貨,有興趣可以到他們的 Kickstarter 專頁參考示範影片





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  • 9 Last-Minute Kickstarters to Put on Your Christmas Wish List

    9 Last-Minute Kickstarters to Put on Your Christmas Wish List

    Originial by Ashley Maceyat BRIT+CO



    While most of our grown-up Christmas list is already set (including Bachelor-themed and Hello Kitty wine, because #adulting), we’re always on the hunt for cool new things to add — even if that means waiting until after the holidays buy them with our Christmas loot. So whether you’re a holiday procrastinator or New Years pre-planner, here are nine new Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunds that we’re keeping our eyes on this week.


    1. Sharingland: As one of the first Mexican creators to launch a campaign on Kickstarter, the dynamic entrepreneurs behind Sharingland are trying to rediscover the magic of a cardboard box. From a space capsule to a castle, these creative cardboard playhouses will surely bring out your inner kiddo.




    2. Bobby Compact: Combining innovative anti-theft technology with cute candy colors, this cool new backpack is perfect for the bright traveler.




    3. Actofit: While we’ll be the first ones to say we love tracking our steps on our Fitbit, this cool new wearable is taking gym tracking to a whole new level. Using algorithms that track more than 75 exercises and count reps, it’s the perfect gift for the techy gym rat in your life.




    4. Everlast: Nothing quite beats writing down a to-do list in a cute notebook… but the environmentalist in us isn’t too keen about wasting paper. The Everlast feels just like writing in a regular notebook, but the ink erases with just a drop of water. Plus, it’s compatible with the Rocketbook app, so you can easily save your notes to Google Drive and Dropbox before erasing them IRL.




    5. Venturi: Let’s be honest, the belt hasn’t really changed… ever. This cool new innovation ditches the stone-age prong system for a sleeker design that doesn’t have to be adjusted every single time you put on your pants. Trust us, the two seconds you’ll save every morning will really add up.




    6. Lief: Having a stressful period of life can wreak havoc on your physical, emotional and mental health. Luckily, this cool new gadget is here to help us find our inner zen. Lief tracks your natural heart rate variability (HRV) which is a marker of your physical and psychological health. Not only does it track this key stress indicator, but it also utilizes HRV biofeedback exercises to help you train yourself to stay less stressed throughout your day.




    7. Eyeque: If you’re the type of person who dreads going to the optometrist, this cool new gadget just might be for you. Eyeque is a smartphone-powered vision tracker that allows you to take vision tests and track your eyesight all through the device and free myEyeQue app.




    8. iKeybo: Whether you’re writing emails at a cafe or proofing a proposal on an airplane, lugging around a full-size computer for a few minutes of work is hella annoying. That’s what makes this product so genius: The iKeybo instantly transforms your smartphone into a full-sized virtual keyboard. Simply put your phone on the built-in stand and it automatically projects a keyboard in four languages… heck, it can even be used to play piano, guitar, bass or drums too.




    9. SELFFEE: For the gal who has one too many selfies on her phone, this cool new foodie company is definitely a must-fund. Printing your real selfies on cookies and beverages, this edible photo both is perfect for special events (plus, they’re opening up a storefront in NYC next year).

    Are you currently backing any cool Kickstarters? Tweet us by mentioning @BritandCo.

    Brit + Co may at times use affiliate links to promote products sold by others, but always offers genuine editorial recommendations.

    (Featured Photo via Sharingland) 

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  • iKeybo Projection Keyboard with Multiple Layouts and Built-in Power Bank

     iKeybo Projection Keyboard with Multiple Layouts and Built-in Power Bank

    Orginial author by Daniel  at 

    December 1, 2016 Cool Gadgets

    The iKeybo projection keyboard not only delivers multiple keyboard and piano layouts for different purposes, but also works as a power bank for charging your smartphone. Like the versatile design? Let’s keep checking.

    iKeybo Laser Projection Keyboard with Built-in Power Bank



    The iKeybo is a multi functional and easy-to-use virtual laser projection keyboard that measures 2.09 x 3.11 x 1.67 inches and weighs 2.5 oz. As we can see from the images, the projection keyboard sports an ultra compact and lightweight design so that you can easily take it anywhere you go.

    iKeybo Laser Projection Keyboard with Built-in Power Bank


    Unlike other laser projection keyboards using camera sensor, iKeybo features double liner sensors that deliver faster response speed and less energy consumption.

    Using built-in Bluetooth technology and USB, the laser projection keyboard works with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

    The iKeybo projects a decent keyboard layout with 78 keys, and its rounded keys can effectively prevent you from touching wrong keys when you type. The Bluetooth keyboard comes with 4 different language keyboard layouts including English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. Meanwhile, iKeybo has a piano layout that allows you to create your own music anytime and anywhere.

    iKeybo Laser Projection Keyboard with Built-in Power Bank

    As a portable keyboard, iKeybo features a built-in phone stand that keeps your smartphone upright in portrait or landscape mode for handsfree viewing and typing.

    In addition, built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 10 hours of continuous input, and it works as power bank to charge your smartphone.


    The crowdfunding campaign for iKeybo is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge $79 to own the laser protection keyboard with a piano set. It will be shipped in May 2017.



    Orginial articial: iKeybo Projection Keyboard with Multiple Layouts and Built-in Power Bank

    Also feature at appmarsh 

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  • 搶全球第一!台廠雷射投影「中文」鍵盤上Kickstarter集資






    台廠雷射投影鍵盤,曾奪2016 COMPUTAX大獎


    其實在今年的台北國際電腦展COMPUTAX中,這款iKeybo已經拿下Best Choice Award(BC Award),但當初只是概念機,並沒有進一步的展示。










    11/29 業者來電說明:


    Laser Keyboards
    投影鍵盤是一種輸入裝置,藉由雷射光投射在平面上形成虛擬的鍵盤圖形。當使用者碰觸到平面的按鍵圖形時,此設備會在平板電腦或電腦螢幕顯示出相對應的按鍵。 (來源:維基百科 )
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